Date: 16th October 2010 at 9:41am
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The Silkmen, purveyors of nature`s finest fabric welcome Oxford, one of our nation`s principal seats of learning, to the Moss. Learned and well versed they may be but few can better the thrills and spills witnessed at the theatre of the absurd these last dozen or so years as the Silkmen continue to spin out a fairy tail that shows the little guys can not just compete but thrive and prosper.

Oxford are back. Separating facts from fiction, they are a massive moneyed club. One, who having returned from the non league after knocking on the gates with oodles of cash for a while now, are set to climb back up the League given their fan base and affluent local population.

With Gary Simpson – a learned tactical and charismatic fellow telling all and sundry he is here to stay, we the faithful you feel have much to enjoy as his spear of destiny wielding crazy gang continue to conquer those they shouldn`t and fail at the feet of those that should.

Oxford`s budet is nearly four times our own, Yet in football the giants are for the sporting killing; especially if you have the crazy gang spirit within you.

Mmmm to the Moss me thinks, casting no spin or sentiment aside, for passion is the fashion even if you have just the one lion on your shirt.

Vital Quotes:

‘We’re a young side, but we’ve done well this season and deserve to have more points than we’ve got so far. We’ve drawn a couple of games where we’ve conceded equalisers right at the death and against Shrewsbury we lost 1-0 but spent practically the whole game battling for an equaliser after they’d scored in the third minute. Hopefully those situations will even themselves out over the course of the season and we can finish in a decent position. But our first aim is to get to 50 points as soon as possible – then we’ll see where we go from there.’

Macclesfield Team News:

With Butcher and Emile definitely out Morgan has also trained little this week, should he not make it today Nsiala could take his place as Reid is back in training.

———-1 Jose Veiga———-
Nsiala 5 Brown 6 Morgan 3 Tremarco
–20 Hamshaw 8 Draper 4 Bencherif-
—-24 Mukendi——11 Daniel—–
————–23 Barnett————-

Player to watch: Daniel`s Day Today

With a return to the spear Daniel will be free to fly and impact player Vinny (another goal in midweek V Oldham) could step up from impact player to the consummate forward he can and will become.

Oxford United Team News:

—————- Clarke—————
3 Tonkin 23 Purkiss 22 Worley 26 Franks
—–8 Heslop 14 Hall 28 Payne
-29 Craddock 9 Constable 15 Potter


21 Eastwood (G) 5 Creighton (D) 11 Clist (M) 19 Baker (M) 10 Midson (F) 17 Cole (F) 24 Green (F)

Player to watch: Constable, James

Constable of the James genre is not exactly music to any opposition`s ears. The combative number 9 is both the top scorer and the top card collector; with an all action style few will relish facing. Nat Brown aside, of course and Simmo has been feeding him raw meat all week as a treat in readiness.

Match Facts & Stats

Macclesfield Form
Home Record 22nd
Away Record 6th
Overall Record 18th

Biggest Home Win – 2-0 Northampton
Biggest Away Win – Torquay 3-1
Heaviest Home Defeat 0-2 Stockport
Heaviest Away Defeat Accrington Stanley 3-0
Highest Scoring game Stevenage 2-2

Heroes & Villains

Goal Scorers

3 Barnett,
3 Bencherif,
2 Daniel
2 Mukendi,
2 Nat Brown
2 Sinclair,
1 Daniel,
1 Draper.

2 Hamshaw
1 Sinclair
1 Brisley
1 Tremarco

Keeper Corner
Jose Veiga the Cape Crusader
Games 12 Saves 60 Clean sheets 0

Yellow Cards
Ross Draper 3
Bencherif 2
Carl Tremarco 2
Paul Bolland 2
Vinny Mukendi 2
Tyrone Barnett 1
Paul Morgan 1


Highest Gate 3915 Port Vale
Lowest Gate 1699 Northampton Town
Average Attendance 2755
Total Turnstile Clicks 13775

Oxford Form

Home Record 15th
Away Record 9th
Overall Record 11th

Biggest Home Win 4-0 Morecambe
Biggest Away Win Hereford United 0-2
Heaviest Home Defeat 1-2 Bury, 0-1 Stockport County, 0-1 Aldershot Town
Heaviest Away Defeat –
Highest Aggregate Score 4-0 Morecambe

Heroes & Villains


James Constable 5
Tom Craddock 3
Jack Midson 2
Simon Heslop 1


Matthew Green 2
Simon Heslop 1
Asa Hall 1
Josh Payne 1
Alfie Potter 1

Keeper Corner
Ryan Clarke
Games 11 Saves 48 Clean sheets 5

Yellow Cards

James Constable 3
Tom Craddock 2
Anthony Tonkin 2
Mark Creighton 2
Harry Worley 2
Jack Midson 1

Red Cards
James Constable 1

Ker – Ching

Highest Gate 7947 Port Vale
Lowest Gate 6237 Morecambe
Average Attendance 7167
Total Turnstile Clicks 43005

Match Prediction:

Just as Oxford could teach us a lesson courtesy of Constable & Co, so the delightful Daniel or Tyrone the terrible could tare text books to threads in the blink of an eye. Hamshaw too, has more assists than a US border patrolman suggesting this will be too close to call. Alright then 3-2 Macclesfield though it could just as easily go the other way unless Jose Veiga the cape crusader has a stormer.

Next Fixtures:

Sat 23/10 A – Barnet 15:00 BST League Two
Sat 30/10 H – Burton Albion 15:00 BST League Two

Sat 23/10 H – Northampton Town 15:00 League Two
Sat 30/10 A – Bradford City 15:00 League Two