Date: 23rd October 2010 at 10:03am
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Impresario of positivity Gary Simpson parted the milk in his cereal bowl this morning, as he does most, Bruce Almighty style, as the Silkmen breakfasted, pre Barnet Bacchanalian, at a secret budget hotel location. It`s the groupies you know, if I told you I would have me Hampstead heath extracted one by one and queues of autograph hunters not seen since our local pub shut recently as the last few pints went for Free.

Yes the less than glitzy, some might say, Barnet V Macclesfield match is here with few outside the impassioned partners aware or the slightest bit interested in taking a Butchers Hook (rhyming slang for look, and Richard Butcher is himself out injured). It`s a shame because this is true English football, where passion is always the fashion as our honest pros play the game for more than just the cash you would hope. Why else would the Silkmen`s crazy gang sit three points from the playoffs rubbing shoulders with those awash with cash and budgets four times our own.

Not that Barnet are a money club given the size of their gates and location, but they too have punched above their weight since a meteoric rise under Barry Fry and Stan Flashman, two personalities who, like Gary believe.

So whilst those at the gold plated banqueting tables at the top can see little but their own ego`s we the poor relations prepare to break bread with another side who continue to overcome the odds despite the injuries.

There will be a glorious high scoring end to end game of football to feast on this day at Underhill. It is just a pity less than 2,000 fans will be there to witness it. Yes there is beauty in this one, but let us not berate the beast for full blooded challenges show the passion still burns in the people`s game.

Vital Quotes:

Barnet Team News:

The Likely Line Up, chapter & verse, birds & bees.

———–1 Cole—————-
2 Devera 6 Uddin 28 Francombe 3 Parkes
27 Vilhete 4 Hughes 7 Jarvis 20 Marshall 21 Kamdjo

——– 16 Byrne ——–

25 Coulson (G) 15 Yorke (D)13 Cox (M) 8 Southam (M) 11 Holmes (F) 12 Stimson (F)
Home Player to Watch

Given a horrific injury list equivalent to a Crimean war field surgeon, the Bees should start 4-5-1 or 4-4-1-1 like last week, given 4-6-0 is a tad to bleak away from the international scene. Centre half Uddin will have a fitness test this morning, hopefully running down the slope, with the odds favouring a starting place. Darren Dennehy (foot), Grant Basey and Daniel Leach (both ankle) will be out a good while yet

Steve Kabba (ankle ligament), striker Charlie Taylor (groin) and winger Glenn Poole (thigh) are still struggling. The curse continues with recent signing Izale McLeod recovering from a hasty knee operation. A priest and Holy water at required for Christmas at Underhill me thinks, Dear Santa, please ensure Rossi Jarvis does not miss the game with a migraine again this week.

Player to watch: Mark Marshall

Given the injury list take a look in the stands. Mark Marshall is always one to deliver when the chips are down and given just splinters are available today he could well be the edge. Vilhete is a tricky winger and holding midfielder jarvis is back for battle.

Macclesfield Team News:

No Morgan, no Sinclair and no Butchers so will it be ‘the Spear` 4-1-4-1 or a return to the conformity of 4-4-2 for Simmo the Moss Rose modernist? Let`s have some yeses shall we and inject some positive vibes? With Hamza the Kasbah Casanova and wise young of the Reid gene pool, doing prematch fitness tests things could change with the Everton lad, Nsiala, either at right or centre back. Should Reid play, Tremarco will move across to allow Daniels the chance to roast some cockney chestnuts this afternoon. With Vinny and Barnett both raring to go, we could even see 4-4-2

A roll on the drums pray, tis the the men of spin, spear in one hand and something akin to a silk purse / pigs ear in the other.

———-1 Jose Veiga———-
2 Reid 14 Nsiala 5 Brown 3 Tremarco
–20 Hamshaw 15 Bolland 8 Draper
—-24 Mukendi——11 Daniel——-
————–23 Barnett————-

Player to watch: Tyrone is Back with added Vin

Tyrone the terrible aided and abetted by last weeks hero Vinny Mukendi and on his day daniel, could well swarm the smoke today and bring back the points to the land of silk.

Match Facts & Stats

Match Facts & Stats Title
Barnet Form

Home Record 14
Away Record 24
Overall Record 23

Biggest Home Win 3-1 Cheltenham Town, 2-0 Hereford United
Biggest Away Win –
Heaviest Home Defeat 1-4 Rotherham United
Heaviest Away Defeat Crewe Alexandra 0-7
Highest Aggregate Score Crewe Alexandra 0-7

Heroes & Villains

Goal scorers

Mark Marshall 3
Phil Walsh 3
Steven Kabba 2
Mark Byrne 2
Glenn Poole 1
Glen Southam 1


Steven Kabba 3
Mark Marshall 1
Ricky Holmes 1
Glenn Poole 1
Jules Francombe 1

Keeper Corner

Jake Cole

Games 12 Saves 52 Clean Sheets 2

Yellow Cards

Mark Byrne 3
Glen Southam 3
Jordan Parkes 3
Mark Marshall 2
Joe Devera 2
Steven Kabba 1

Ker – ching

Highest Gate 2435 Bradford City
Lowest Gate 1563 Bury
Average Attendance 1868
Total Turnstile Clicks 11211

Macclesfield Form
Home Record 18th
Away Record 8th
Overall Record 13th

Biggest Home Win – 2-0 Northampton
Biggest Away Win – Torquay 3-1
Heaviest Home Defeat 0-3 Port Vale
Heaviest Away Defeat Accrington Stanley 3-0
Highest Scoring game 3-2 Oxford United

Heroes & Villains

Goal Scorers

3 Barnett,
3 Bencherif,
2 Sinclair
3 Nat Brown
2 Paul Bolland
2 Daniel
2 Mukendi,
1 Matthew Hamshaw
1 Daniel,
1 Draper.

5 Hamshaw
1 Sinclair
1 Brisley
1 Tremarco
1 Nat Brown
1 Ross Draper
1 Vinny Mukendi

Keeper Corner
Jose Veiga the Cape Crusader
Games 14 Saves 69 Clean sheets 1

Yellow Cards
Ross Draper 3
Bencherif 2
Carl Tremarco 2
Paul Bolland 2
Vinny Mukendi 2
Tyrone Barnett 1
Paul Morgan 1
Colin Daniel 1


Highest Gate 3915

Next Fixtures:


Sat 30/10 – A – Shrewsbury Town KO 15:00 – L2
Tue 2/11 – H – Stevenage KO 19:45 – L2


Sat 30/10 – H – Burton 15:00 L2
Tue 2/11 – A – Rotherham 19:45 L2