Date: 2nd October 2010 at 10:23am
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Macclesfield meet Northampton today at the Moss Rose in an encounter that should have a derby ring about it but does not. Billed as Simmo V Sammo, this is an early 6 pointer between teams not as dead as their respective Silk and Boot industries of yesteryear.

Mmmm a tad too much pessimism and reality me thinks, ahead of a chance for the first three point haul at home and away for both of these two proud towns, more than respectfully respectively. Yes The Spear of destiny wielding hoplites, aka the crazy gang, have yet to overwhelm foe at home; whilst the Cobblers strangely fear to tread. Tut tut where for art is the heritage my rubber souled and well heeled friends and foes?

Northampton Gaffer Samson has been shorn of Purcell, whilst the Moss Posse are ripping the souls from the hearts of all on our travels, the lucky Crewe crew apart. An interesting tussle between the Cobblers and the Macc then?

Come ye merry men of Silk to the Moss, for Simmo`s spear of destiny can yet inspire a playoff charge. But, the reality check – never too far from the minds of we men of spin – first and foremost we need a win to push us closer to that 50 point threshold.

Vital Quotes:

Simmo was keeping things very close to his chest ahead of this one when asked whether he would make any changes.

‘I’ll have a think about that overnight,’ he said. ‘I’ve read all the reports we’ve had on Northampton and spoken to people who have seen them this season.’

What a gifted gaffer we have -not only has he availed himself of the ability to read, but he has sent spies the length and breadth of the nation in search of Cobblers feedback – to enhance our tactical approach and prepare the Moss Posse for the hobnail boots that await us. Are we awash with cash all of a sudden or have Glynn and a scout hopped on a Nation Express coach?

Macclesfield Team News:

Will Reid pull through? Will Vinny or Butcher or Uncle Tom Cobbly and all get a game? Kidology methinks as Simmo launches forth an un cleansed spear still with the blood of The Gulls and the splinters of the Chairboys upon its shining blade.

—————–1 Veiga——————
–2 Reid— 5 Brown– 6 Morgan– 3 Tremarco——
—-20 Hamshaw —-4 Bencherif —-8 Draper ——–
————9 Sinclair ——— 11 Daniel—————
——————— 23 Barnett—————————

13 Jack Cudworth (G) 12 Jason Beardsley (D) 18 Matthew Lowe (D) 7 Lewis Chalmers (M) 17 Samuel Wedgbury (M) 30 Francois Kompany 24 Mukendi (F)

Player to watch: The Boy Barnett

The Boy Barnett – at the Apex of the Spear young Tyrone the terrible shows the power of silk with its prime still to come.

Northampton Team News:

Sampson has been boosted by the news that defenders Dean Beckwith and Craig Hinton will return to training next week. Josh Parker arrives on loan from Qpr and could start on the right wing. Striker Tadhg Purcell remains the only long term absentee putting a lot on Billy McKay`s shoulders.

1 Chris Dunn (G)
(D) 23 Liam Davis 14 John Johnson 25 Ben Tozer (D) 2 Paul Rodgers
(M) 11 Andrew Holt 7 Ryan Gilligan (M) 4 Kevin Thornton (M)
8 Abdul Osman (M) 17 Michael Jacobs (M)
16 Billy Mckay (F) Plus Josh Parker

13 Paul Walker (G) 3 Marcus Hall (D) 12 Nathaniel Wedderburn (M) 18Leon McKenzie (F) 9 Stephen Guinan (F) 20 Seb Harris (F) 15 Courtney Herbert (F)

Player to watch: Billy Mckay

With the weight of Atlas upon his shoulders Billy visibly awaits the return of Purcell

Match Facts & Stats

Maccs Stats

Home Record 23rd
Away record 3rd
Overall 19th

Biggest Home Win –
Biggest Away Win – 1-3 Torquay United, 1-2 Wycombe
Heaviest Home Defeat 0-2 Stockport
Heaviest Away Defeat Accrington Stanley 3-0
Highest Scoring game Stevenage 2-2

Heroes & Villains

Goal Scorers

3 Tyrone Barnett,
2 Daniel 2 Mukendi, 2 Nat Brown
1 Sinclair, 1 Bencherif, Morgan

2 Hamshaw
1 Sinclair
1 Brisley
1 Tremarco

Keeper Corner
Jose vega the Cape Crusader
Games 9 Saves 47 Clean sheets 1

Yellow Cards
Paul Bolland 2
Vinny Mukendi 2
Paul Morgan 1
Ross Draper 1
Carl Tremarco 1


Highest Gate 3915 Port Vale
Lowest Gate 2176 Chesterfield
Average Attendance 3019
Total Turnstile Clicks 12,076

Home Record 6
Away Record 20
Overall Record 18

Biggest Home Win 2-0 Bradford City
Biggest Away Win –
Heaviest Home Defeat 1-2 Chesterfield
Heaviest Away Defeat Torquay United 3-0
Highest A Score Shrewsbury Town 3-1

Goal Machines
3 Kevin Thornton
2 Billy Mckay
1 Andrew Holt, Stephen Guinan, Abdul Osman, Ben Tozer

Yellow Cards
2 Dean Beckwith
1 Ryan Gilligan, John Johnson, Paul Rodgers, Michael Jacobs

2 Billy McKay, Michael Jacobs

Keeper Corner
Chris Dunn
Games 5 Saves 20 Clean Sheets 1

Oscar Jansson
Games 5 Saves 16 Clean Sheets 1

Ker – Ching

Highest Gate 5720 Southend United
Lowest Gate 4025 Chesterfield
Average Attendance 4527
Total Turnstile Clicks 22635

Match Prediction:

Never temp the fates fellow silkmen for the black widow cares not for reputations… then again nor does Simmo and Mr Chamberlein’s crazy gang. No there will be no peace in our time under their watch, just honest toil, glory in itself one might argue.

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