Date: 27th September 2010 at 5:10pm
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The World Cup exposed the England team`s reliance on 4-4-2, suggesting it could be the end of the era Ramsey heralded as ‘The Wingless wonders`. But now somewhat further down the slippery football pyramid a ‘grass roots in his boots Englishman has enjoyed back to back away wins against highly rated Wycombe Wanderers and Torquay with a formation of his very own.

And though he be but a stones throw from Manchester monolyth Alex Ferguson this lad is a son born of the house of York. Oh yes Sheffield steel has fashioned the passion for Simmo’s so called Spear of Destiny.

Affable rogue and Man with the Maccs, Gary Simpson may have more than a point with what some are already calling Simmo`s Spear of destiny. One thing is for sure the small but faithful Silken certainly like the cut of his jib far more than the opposition, as the crazy gang make a return to football`s green and pleasant fields.

More theatre of the absurd than theatre of dreams Moss Rose is a million miles away from the Premiership or the World Cup prawns. But Simmo`s Spear, born of bravery sees an Arabian Knight and the naughty thieves planning more smash and grabs up and down league 2 this season.

In the summer the major European Super powers all went with 4-2-3-1 with the South American`s (Brazil apart) going 4-3-3. Simmo`s spear is to all intents and purposes a version of 4-3-3 albeit a narrow but sharp 4-3-2-1, born more of ‘necessity is the mother of invention` than thoroughbred horses for courses.

But these lads have something just as important as quality in the heat of League 2 battle. They want to play for a man who said he believed in them when the chips were down just weeks into the season.

As to the details of the spear? Well a side with a quarter of the budget of their peers, needs to play things close to their chest.