Date: 28th June 2006 at 9:01am
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This week’s Macclesfield Express reports that Silkmen owners Amar and Bashar Alkhadi are to convert a £1m loan to shares in the club in a magnificent show of their support to the club.

Although both brothers have remained committed to the club and there has never been the first hint that they were about to, many Macclesfield fans were worried about what would happen to the club if they did decide to walk away and demand the return of their money.

The conversion to shares means that they would now be unable to make such a demand.

An EGM of the club’s shareholders has been called for the day of the Manchester United friendly at 5.00pm to officially announce the plans to shareholders.

Patrick Nelson spoke to the Macclesfield Express and said: ‘It is another example of their ongoing commitment not only to lend the money in the first place and secondly to convert it into shares.

‘This absolutely cements their involvement in the club’

But he also urged the fans to be cautious and reminded them that was not £1m of fresh funds for the Silkmen, rather money that had already been spent.

Meanwhile Bashar Alkhadi said: ‘This is part of a three year strategy. Over the last three years we have looked to stabilise the club, and now it’s time to push on and prosper.’

The three year plan, announced last April included the recent drop in ticket prices and plans to invest in the club’s Centre of Excellence.