Date: 3rd October 2010 at 2:10pm
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Gary Simpson is starting to show a canny knack for a job forced on him after the untimely death of Keith Alexander. The Sheffield lad who has crept quietly from the shadow of a mate he served loyally at Lincoln, Peterborough and of course Macc is starting to show what many knew all along.

He has an eye for talent, is tactically astute and very much a motivator of men.

After working out Wycombe and Torquay and more recently Northampton somewhat superbly on Saturday – casting his spear aside for such an effective 4-1-4-1 – he appears as tactically astute as he is charismatic. Not so much a Jacko or a Ron Atkinson, Simmo is more a bloke you trust because his humorous logic makes sense. Perhaps because common sense is as rare a commodity in football nowadays as a gentleman`s handshake.

One thing is for sure the players believe in him. He has created a crazy gang feel to the day to day diary at the training ground that is flying in the face of teams with much bigger budgets.

The bigger they are the harder they fall and it seems to work when you preach all for one and one for all.

The Northampton logic:

Tremarco moved from left back to right to ensure that Jacobs penchant for cutting in onto his right foot was negated. Free spirit Thornton would also be unable to split the centre halves, with man marking specialist Chalmers laying in wait in front of the back four.

The spear was dismantled for the day with Daniel dropping to left back and Emile going across the field to an out & out left winger. Hamshaw returned to the right, with Draper and Hamza encouraged to dominate and then ad lib as and when they could. Tyrone you felt, with the crazy gang behind him; was never going to be up front alone.

Hats of to the Gaffer looks like The Macc Pack is coming